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Western Australia’s youngest MP pushes for cannabis legalisation

Western Australia's youngest Member of Parliament is working tirelessly towards the possibility of cannabis legalisation.

WA’s youngest MP, 26 year old Aaron Stonehouse, will use his term to push for marijuana legalisation, a move he says would open a huge potential revenue stream for the State.

26 year old Aaron Stonehouse, who is the youngest MP elected in WA in almost 20 years, said he wanted to explore the possibility of cannabis legalisation.

“I don’t smoke, I have zero interest in using marijuana, but legalising marijuana for recreational use is something that’s been done in several States in the US and they’ve had very positive results,” Mr Stonehouse, the first Liberal Democrat elected to an Australian State Parliament, said.

Despite the young member of parliament’s best intentions, Premier Mark McGowan said the Government would not be entertaining the idea of recreational cannabis legalisation, but would continue to push for medicinal cannabis in Western Australia.

Mr Stonehouse stated “I’d like to start having a chat with people on the Left side of politics about where they stand on marijuana legalisation.”

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