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Australian pot stock May update

Cannabis companies are all the rage on the Australian Stock Exchange, but throughout the month of May, it was particularly volatile for investors.

There are numerous cannabis-related stocks listed on the ASX and at this stage it’s hard to say if or when any of the underlying businesses will become successful or not. As demonstrated below, the month of May has certainly been a volatile one for investors with exposure to the medicinal cannabis industry.

Auscann Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: AC8) share price has fallen 21% in May.

Cann Group Ltd‘s (ASX: CAN) share price is up 86% in May.

The Creso Pharma Ltd (ASX: CPH) share price has tumbled 30% since May 1.

The Hydroponics Company Ltd (ASX: THC) share price is up 50% since launching on the ASX in May.

MMJ Phytotech Ltd‘s (ASX: MMJ) share price is down a remarkable 38% since the start of the month.

The Stemcell United Ltd (ASX: SCU) share price is up around 4% month-to-date.

The Zelda Therapeutics Ltd (ASX: ZLD) share price has fallen 37% in May.

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